Powell Peralta Hardcore Bushings Gommini Longboard Visualizza ingrandito

Powell Peralta Hardcore Bushings Gommini Longboard

Nuovo prodotto

Nuova tecnologia per questi nuovissim i gommini longboard marcati Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta Hardcore Bushings

The technology that will transform your trucks into high performance carving, racing, or freeride machines. The bonded insert will noticeably reduce slop, create a more fluid turn, add stability, and allow you to run a lower durometer bushing in your truck than normal. The insert locks your steering axis in without any extra parts and ensures you only compress the bushing top and bottom rather than open it like an elastic band.

Green 85a/White 88a/Red 90a/Black 93a


€ 19,00 tasse incl.

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