Shoe Goo Repair Glue Colla Riparazione Scarpe Longboard Street Skate Visualizza ingrandito

Shoe Goo Amazing Goop Black Colla Riparazione Scarpe Longboard Street Skate

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Una colla economica e molto potente per riparare le tue scarpe skateboard street longboard

Amazing GOOP Automotive will repair, seal and stick to a wide variety of materials. Its versatility makes it ideal for all kinds of automotive needs: everything from repairing upholstery to coating battery terminals to attaching loose trim! Bonds easily to a wide variety of materials, including metal, glass, vinyl and leather. 
Strongest, most versatile adhesive available Paintable once cured Excellent chemical resistance Temperature resistant – remains flexible, even in extreme temperatures Dries clear Abrasion resistant – great for bonding items subject to vibration Waterproof – bond remains secure even when exposed to water

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