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Sector 9 Buttersauce 65mm Longboard Wheels

New product

High quality for this longboard wheels by Sector 9

If the average rider really knew what our wheels  went through to make it into our line-up, he might be confortable putting them on his car. On a serious note: these wheels are nitpicked through and through before even become prototypes. Then we dissect them, test them, rework them and test them again. This process often seems tedious, but it has proven successful time and time again. Whether it is our Race Formula, our Shredthane or our Nineballs, these wheels all stand up to the rigors of the road and perform for you when you need them most.
Core technology has come along way and is one of the final frontiers for the progression of the modern skateboard wheel. Many avenues of wheel shape and urethane compounds have been hammered out but, the inner world of the core has been largely unexplored. We have finally stepped up with our own core design, and the list of positives is just the beginning: from increased roll speed, to better controlled slides.
A great urethane mix for leaving sugary thane lines on the ground, the edges of the Buttersauce wheel are trimmed to the core for smoother slides and they are chamfered for getting into the slide with ease. All this comes with the amazing Cosmic Core, and the result is one kick ass slide wheel.

Style 65mm Diameter
Hardness 78a
Center Set
38mm Contact Patch
Stone Ground
Cosmic Core

Available in 3/5 days

€ 47,90 tax incl.

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