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Ennui Ave Elbow Gaskets Ginocchiere Skateboard Longboard

Gomitiere di buonissima qualità per un riding in sicurezza

The ENNUI AVE elbow gaskets are made out of neoprene sleeves with silicon anti slip bands and with double strap system for secure fit. Build-in EVA padding and high impact foam around and under the new ENNUI plastic cap. Perfectly functioning gaskets made of a stretchable, light weight and breathable material for a perfect and comfortable fit. Specially designed for the advanced players and riders, the ergonomic cut doesn’t limit your movement during skating, providing a significant improvement over traditional bulky elbow pads. Just because they are soft and comfortable doesn’t mean they are weak! Thanks to the external cap, the gaskets are extremely durable and resistant on slides. No matter what, these knee pads look and feel great.

Safety rating: A+++ confirms very good protective function

Disponibilità: Disponibile 2/3gg

€ 41,00

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