Blood Orange Morgan Pro Series 80/82/84a Ruote Longboard Slide Freeride Vedi a schermo intero

Blood Orange Morgan Pro Pastel 70mm Ruote Longboard Slide Freeride

Una favolosa ruota longboard slide che lascia thane lines molto potenti

In designing the LMF "Liam Morgan formula," Liam was looking for 3 things:

1. A Sugary Slide

- Nobody wants an icy wheel, nor do they want a grippy freeride wheel that chatters and bounces. This formula is all about the smooth, consistent and predictable (otherwise known as) "sugary slide".

2. Long Thick Thane Lines

- The urethane needed to paint long, thick, white thane lines on the pavement. Pros and groms alike, love to see thane lines and track their progression. This thane doesn't disappoint.

3. Wheels to Cover Every Occasion

- Liam's an all around skater, and he wanted wheels for everything he does, without sacrificing either of the first two requirements.

80A Seafoam

82A Lavender

84A Coral

Offset: 3.5 mm
Contact: 31 mm

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€ 64,50

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