Rayne Genesis 100 Demons 35,7" Tavola Longboard Vedi a schermo intero

Rayne Genesis 100 Demons 35,7" Tavola Longboard Freeride

Nuova stupenda serie per questa tavola longboard da Rayne

Here is the new 2017 Version.

The Genesis is the yin to the Bromance's yang. Rayne couldn't make a rockered micro-dropped topmount and not have a version that included Pleasure Dome. In contrast to the Bromance, the Genesis packs in the features and takes cues from the rest of the Elevation Series.  Featuring a micro dropped, rockered platform, a mellow Pleasure Dome and wheel flares,  the Genesis has a very natural feel and is quickly becoming a team favourite. The Genesis is a directionally shaped profile shape on a totally symmetric mold shape. Freeride it any way you want or use it as your directionally setup race ride.

Length: 35.75" (90,8cm)
Width: 10" (25,4cm)
Wheelbase: 22.75"-28.25" (57,8cm-71,8cm)
made in Canada
Bamboo/ Fibreglas, Fat Bottomcore

Disponibilità: Disponibile 2/3gg

€ 223,00

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